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Ring Road connecting Guntur,Amaravathi,Satenapalli  proposed by Guntur Rural Police had been accepted by District Collector.This road ensures smooth flow of traffic during Krishna Pushakaram which is going to being from August 12 2016. Actual plan of the road is to connect Guntur,Vijayawada,Satenapalli and Krosuru to Amaravathi. Because,this year police are expecting a high flow of devotees will be coming to Krishna Pushakaram .Heavy trucks travelling from Vijayawada to Hyderabad or Guntur to Hyderabad, Vishakapatnam and chennai had to face serious traffic jam during Krishna Pushakaram. So if this R R gets accepted.We can divert heavy duty vehicles and cars who don’t visit Krishna pushakaram can use this R R.






This proposal was kept on the District collector’s table. District collector by checking the proposal. He accepted and ordered the police to start the work with the help of Road contractors. Now it went to Guntur municipal corporation to confirm the road contractors and start the work soon. Let’s wait and see what happens. But during Krishna Pushakaram in Vijayawada, People gonna face lot of difficulties because connecting road to Hyderabad is not yet finished with in the time .Collector raised the hands saying that this road and flyover which is located in 1 town near Durga temple won’t be completed with in the mean time. How police gonna control the traffic and devotees during Krishna Pushakaram is unknown.

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