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Super moon,Blood moon,Blue moon and a total Lunar eclipse these four are major rare celestial events regarding moon which everyone fascinates to watch.These four events occuring simultaneously on January 31st at.This is one of the rarest beautiful cosmic events which was happening after 150 years.

“Once in a blue moon” was a phrase which was used to describe the rare events in English literature.A blue moon itself is a very rare event in which two full moons occur in a single calendar month.1st full moon occured on January 2 and 2nd full moon is on January 31st.So the 2nd fullmoon on a single calendar month was considered as blue moon.The last bluemoon happened in July 2015.

Supermoon means if the son is in perigee of its orbit with respect to earth it considers as supermoon.It appears brighter than 14% larger and 30% brighter than the than ordinary fullmoon.


Bloodmoon is a phenomenon which happens only during the Lunar Eclipse.During lunar eclipse the earth blocks the sunlight reaching the moon.But some some light refracting from the earths surface illuminates the moon and so that moon appears in reddish color.In India the eclipse starts at around 17:18 IST and moon will be remained in eclipse till 17:21 IST.The total eclipse will complete at around 20:41 IST.This event will be clearly visible to the people in western Hemisphere.

The science people will come with reasons and theories for this rare event and the religious people will come with their own beleifs.They are fearing about some calamities occur during this event.The temples in India except Sri Kalahasti remain closed during this eclipse.Everyone have their own reasons and beliefs.But the common people are very enthusiastic to experience this event.There is no need of any binoculars or telescope we can experience this beautiful event of cosmos with our naked eye.

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