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This incident happened on Monday evening in Narsaraopeta town, where a woman committed suicide along with two children. Vijayalakshmi resident of Appapupur village of Guntur District gave birth to two children. Daughter Digvijaya and her son Ganesh Sawai are studying in Martur.

Vijayalakshmi went to meet the children on Monday as the birthday of Digvijaya. On Monday afternoon, she reached Narasaraopeta and took children out. At the third gate near the market, Goods train is going and all of a sudden Vijayalakshmi pushed her two children and she also fell under the train Vijayalakshmi and two children were killed in the incident.

When the mother and the children fell under the train, passers nearby were shocked. The police reached the location and rushed the bodies to the hospital. Vijayalakshmi is believed to have committed suicide due to family conflicts. The case was registered and the investigation is on.

So many suicides in Guntur this year. There is no way to stop them.But we have to learn to live the life in any difficulties.

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