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Tweet on Twitter Guntur Medical: Guntur government hospital has once again snapped up. In the midnight of Tuesday, a snake appeared in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the Patient Section 222, where patients’ assistants and medical staff rushed out of the ICU, In the ICU, two ventilator beds were set up. The three-year-old girl, Sravya, and family members ran out after seeing the snake in ICU. The snake’s appearance was called by the nursing staff in duty. All the patients started to shout. The snake went out of their screams. The entire area was examined along with the superintendent of the hospital.They built a new mesh which prevents Snakes and other creatures entering into ICU.


This is the second time in the GGH ICU

4 months ago a similar snake came in patients with panic. Remedies have been taken to prevent snakes. Yet, the snake is coming back to the debate. The government has handed over a contract to the Padmavathi Security, Pest Control and Facilities Management Company for the prevention of snakes, rats and other vermin. The Government pays over Rs.3 lakh to the contractor every day. However, there are criticisms that there is no change in the situation. There are also criticisms that they may not improve performance even if the contractor reduces marks.


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