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In a tragic accident of bike hitting a lorry whole family of four lost their lives.All four, the husband,wife and their two daughters were dead on the spot.This accident was happened near marrichettupalem,Rompicherla mandal.The accident took place while they are going to their relatives home in Vempadu of Prakasam district.The deceased were identified as Anjaneyulu(38),Tirupatamma(34),Anjali(12) and Koteswari(10).As the schools were given holidays they are going to Tirupatamma’s parents house to spend the holidays of their children.

According to the police the accident happened while over taking two lorries.Anjaneyulu on bike overtook the 1st lorry and while overtaking the 2nd lorry his handle hit the lorry.Then he lost control and they fell on road.The lorry from behind ran over the four and they are dead on the spot.

The police sent the bodies to the post mortem and registered a case against the lorry driver.

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