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Film industry is a colorful,glamour world to the outside.But the dark gloomy shades inside the film industry is responsible for suicides of many stars at very young age.They enjoyed their career peak stage at one time,once it fades out they cant withstand the circumstances and they are not adapting to the life without the stardom.Their weakness in failure and lack of confidence in them is ending their lives.Here are some of the stars which faded in middle of the journey.


Famous actor in 90s who acted besides famous heros like Chiranjeevi,Bala krishna,Venkatesh,Mohan Babu etc.She died by falling from the 5th floor of her apartment.Some theories claim that she was depressed as his husband has connections with mafia and she addicted to alcohol.


Famous item dancer in 90s.Her oringinal  name was Varalakshmi Vadlapati. He was found dead in her apartment in 1996.She addicted to alcohol and went to depression once she lost the fame.Her biopic was well known to everyone.


Famous telugu actress who acted in films like kalusukovalani,Snehamante idera.She commited suicide along with her boyfriend Siddartha. She died during treatment and her boyfriend survived.Her mother argues that she was raped and murdered.Her death was a sensation in those days.


Well known famous telugu hero and heart throb to many girls those days.He acted as a hero in blockbuster films like Nuvvu nenu,Manasantha nuvve etc.He committed suicide and it shook the entire state.Many said that he was depressed as he has no films.


He was a Senior tv actor and character artist.He dies by hanging himself in his apartment.The reasons are still unknown.


She was a beautiful actress and acted beside almost all famous top most heros.She was not died of suicide but commited 2 times luckily survived both the times.She died because of side effects of her lypo surgery.


Ashta Chamma fame found dead in her apartment along with her boy friend.She also acted in many tv serials.


He was well known to telugu people as potti prasad in Ammailu abbailu movie.Very recently he committed suicide by depression alleging his wife on his suicide note.

Even many other actors who tried ending their lives just because of their weakness and depression.Suicides is not a solution to everything.May their beautiful lives Rest in Peace.


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