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Truth behind Baby Death in Guntur Government Hospital  is shocking. His death is not only caused by rats says Private superintendent Dr.Venugopal .This baby is born with congenital anomalies. He was shifted from vijayawada to Guntur on 17th. By looking the reports,we shifted him to surgery ward on 18th. On 20th,we decided to perform surgery,but he was on ventilator and his condition is critical already .


On 23rd august, rats bit him on the left hand. In-charge and professor Dr.Bhaskar rao had taken this issue to head of the department and left without cleaning the rats. Unfortunately ,baby was again bit by rats on 27th august and was declared as dead.This incident left everyone into tears. Family of the baby was outraged.

By looking at this incident,we can say that it is 100% G G H mistake.How can Dr.venugopal say that baby is born with congenital anomalies.Then why did they not take action when rats first bit the baby on 23rd.I think G G H staff is trying to escape this situation by simply confirming that Baby is born with defect.Truth behind his death is confusing.

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