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Permanent solution for waste management was found in our Andhra Pradesh by establishing Waste-to-Energy plant.There are around 7000 tonnes of waste generated dialy from 110 muncipalities in AP.This waste is responsible for seasonal diseases and it is the place for many disease causing organisms.The dumping yards are not so effective in waste management in our state.

The government planned to utilise this waste for energy production and several other purposed.The Waste-to-Energy plants were going to setup in Tirupathi,Guntur and Vizag.The land was allocated to JITF urban infrastructure limited ownwd by Jindal group and Essel group of industries.

In Guntur the Waste-to-Energy plant was going to set up in Naidupet.Yesterday educational minister Narayana visisted the land and talked to media.He said that the plant uses boiler technology to dry the solid waste and burn it to produce energy.

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