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Before 10 years on this day a 19 year old girl Ayesha Meera was raped and murdered in Sri Durga Ladies Hostel in Vijayawada.She was from Tenali and studying pharmacy in Vijayawada.

The brutality of the murder had shocked Andhra Pradesh. In the early hours of 27 December, 2007, Ayesha’s blood soaked body had been found in the hostel bathroom with evidence suggesting that her head had been banged against the wall to make her unconscious before she was raped.That included a love letter allegedly written by the killer, blood stains on Ayesha’s dress and a handwritten word ‘Chirutha’ (leopard) with marker.

P. Satyam Babu was made as accused and first arrested in August 2008.However, he exhibited his agility soon after his arrest by escaping from police custody at Suryapet in Nalgonda district in the middle of the arrest night when the policemen escorting him got down at a hotel for food. Police were taking the accused to Vijayawada after treatment at a hospital in,Hyderabad.The Vijayawada Police suspended 11 policemen, including a sub-inspector, two head constables and eight constables, who were escorting the accused on the charges of negligence.However, despite this effort to escape, Babu was arrested in Krishna district within hours of the event.

Dalit organisations protested suspecting it was a time-tested ploy to fit satyam babu in a fake encounter to kill the case once and for all. It was then that he was shown as arrested once again. The police story that suggested a crippled man escaped police custody, was full of holes. Was it a case of the police trying to impress their political superiors or someone else writing the script, is anyone’s guess.Later he was again arrested in Viajayawada after a few hours.

Satyam babu was imprisoned with 14 years of punishment.But in a landmark judgment on 31 March 2017, the Hyderabad High Court not only acquitted the accused in the murder case but also awarded him Rs1 lakh compensation for putting him in jail for eight years. The court in its judgment reprimanded the police for putting the accused in jail for eight years without a cause or proper evidence to show his involvement in the Ayesha Meera rape and murder case. The court said it was inhuman on the part of the police and ordered action against the officials responsible for Satyam Babu’s arrest and confinement.

Satyam died after nine years during his lifetime. And as far as the case is concerned, a decade later, with hardly any conclusive evidence left, the only verdict possible is ”No one killed Ayesha”.Still no justice was done to that girl even after 10 years of the rape and murder.This is the reason why there are more rapes in our country other than any country in the world.Here the rules are corrupted and can be modified according to the some people who are having power.

Her family is fighting for justice from 10 years but still they cannot find peace for thier little girl’s death.Hope her soul rest in peace and justice will be done to her.

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