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A Customer review about Subhani Hotel in Guntur:- 100 Biryanis sold in 10 minutes

We were at Hotel Subhani, was shocked when they told the Mutton Biryani is Rs.300/-. Once we had the Biryani we felt its total Value for money. We visited Subhani Guntur at the busiest time and for a surprise, customers are lined up for the biryani and once the Biryani is Ready its all finished in 10 minutes. Hotel Subhani serves Muslim style Mutton Biryani with Gongura, Katta, Chicken Sheruwa, Raita is a real treat. Along with the biryani, they even have Kichidi with Chicken kebab. But its technically Bagara Rice with Tawa fried Chicken. So guys, if you are in Guntur, don’t miss this place.

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