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Once upon a time in our Guntur parks are best places for recreation of our people.Now the scenario has been changed,the negligence of government ruined the parks in our Guntur.The parks now became a centre of illegal activities and lost their credibility.

NTR Manasa Sarovar

This was one of the best parks on our state.It was located on NH 16 with excellent Greenery and beautiful birds and a boat ride.Many schools used to take their children to this park as picnic.But this scenario was changed long ago.The greenery there has no maintainance.The boats were broken.It became a centre for illegal activities by love birds.These activities were even supported by management.No family in our had a good opinion on this park today.Such a beautiful park once upon a time lost its grace.

Gandhi Park

This park was located at the heart of the city but still it has no proper maintainance.This park was located just beside our Guntur Muncipal Corporation building but no one cared about thr maintainance of this park.There was a mini theatre inside it in the shape of a dinosaur which acts as a main attraction long ago.Even this park was also ruined because of improper management.The talk about gandhi park among the people became so horrible and no one except lovers are going to this park.

Eco rail park

This was the major place for photobuffs i our guntur. Half of the Display pictures by DSLR in social media of our Guntur youth are from this Eco park only.

Kakani Pundarikakshudu Park

Alapati Venkataramayya Park,koritepadu

Vidya nagar Park

There are many other parks in our Guntur.But still guntur lacks a good park.Once Gandhi Park and NTR manasa sarovaram are best parks now they are ruined by the activities several couples and negligence of management.

Our sincere request is dont again spoil our parks on this valentines day.

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