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Kondaveedu fort was one of the major oldest forts in our country which was built approximately 700 years ago.This was a major tourist spot in our Guntur with beautiful scenic beauty and can also provides us adventurous thrill.This was going to be developed into a hill station by CRDA because of its proximity to the capital Amaravati.


As a part of this R & D department will lay a ghat road from Phirangipuram to the fort at hilltop with a cost of around 12 Cr.This will be completed by end of 2018.Once the road is completed many hotels,resorts and other amenities will be established here which will ake Kondaveedu as a hill station.

“The fort can be developed as a future hill station to the capital city of Amaravati, which can generate revenue to the government,” the official explained. The ghat road development works atop the fort would begin shortly, the official added, and are expected to be completed before the end of 2018. “Once the road is laid and the footfalls pick up, tourism, endowments and archaeology departments will prepare requisite plans for development of resorts, temples and others to tap the tourism potential,” the official remarked.

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