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 The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (iskcon) has planned a project by constructing a Golden temple at kondaveedu.Their main aim is to preserve and promote the heritage of kondaveedu kings.
This project is happening in 2 phases.Phase 1 will be completed by next January according to a near source.In phase 1 temple is going to be constructed in swan shape.
In phase 2 there are sub phases like phase 2A,2B,2C.An international school,religious theme park,water park,museum,Big screen spirtual multimedia theatres are part of this project.An Ayurvedic university is also proposed there.
Major Highlights
  • The idol in this temple is Butterkrishna diety which is very rare and this was the 1st temple with Butter krishna diety.
  • This temple was going to be build in Swan shape.
  • Phase 1 is constructed in a land of 150acres and with an estimated cost of 150 crores
  • Ayurvedic university and Vedic university are going to be established by ISKCON.
  • 108 Mandapas are constructed which describes the lifestory of Krishna.

This project was started 3 years ago and happening in a slow pace.Phase 1 will be completing by next january.

This was one of the prestigious project happening in our Guntur.If this project is completed it will be great source provider of income and it can generate a lot of local employment.Morever our pride and history of our kondaveedu kings will be known worldwide.This temple can create lot of spirtual vibes around Guntur.Hope this project complete soon.

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