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Guntur becomes a new home to child marriages which are horrible to think. Officials stopped 90 child marriages in 2015 and 30 in 2016. But , some of the marriages are performed unnoticed.What is shocking is that, parents are performing these marriages unnoticed in temples or places far away from their towns.

Most parents caprice a girl studying up to 10th class is enough and they need to get married as soon as possible. If a girl fails or pass in SSC, being regarded the minimum qualification to marry them off promptly.This is the major problem in girls who are well-being in most families.

Literacy rate among girls is very low in our District.standing around 29 per cent in Bollapalli mandal, 38 per cent in Veldurthi mandal, 42 per cent in Savalyapuram, Bellam-konda and Durgi mandals, 44 % in Rentachintala, Atcham-peta and other adjacent mandals of the Palnadu region.Parents who work as daily wage earners don’t allow their daughters to study and perform their marriages promptly. This proves that parents who are illiterates are out of their mind.





A social activist said that palnadu region stands first in these activities and need to be stopped immediately.The extinction of maoist led to factionism which to was making parents in rural areas stop their daughters going to school at the high school level.

A teacher said that schools are very far from their houses, students had to travel 10-15 km to reach their schools. This is the main reason,parents stop their daughters going to school. Common problem is that ,parents fear that their daughters may get drawn into love affairs.Parents should change and help their daughters to reach heights. He also mentioned that fear in parents should vanish and should believe their daughters don’t fall in love

Priests said that they are not in a state to stop these marriages as they had to work and live in those villages. We also faced threats , when we said the parents to stop these kind of marriages. They said that government should implement the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act and also create awareness in parents who are performing these marriages with no brain.

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