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As we all know that Rajamouli was invited by our CM to give some models for capital city Amaravati buildings as CM was mesmerized with Mahishmathi sets in Bahubali.

Rajamouli presented models to the CM and he was not satisfied with the models and CM liked the tower models presented by Noman-Foster company of England.

Rajamouli said”Everybody liked the design I have prepared for the government buildings reflecting Telugu culture but CM was not satisfied with it.The CM however assured that he would make us of my design for media city”Rajamouli proposed a Telugu Talli statue which sun rays will fall on that statue as like in olden temples.He posted a video about this model.


And Rajamouli recently took his son Karthikeya along with him to meetings and this opened to a lot of criticism on him.

Rajamouli answers that”My contributions are as little as squirrels part in the construction of Rama sethu”

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