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Numerologist Jayahshankar Sisttllah believes the government of Andhra Pradesh needs to change the way the state’s name is spelt so that it can have brught future.Andhra Pradesh has 13 alphabets which was bad sign which resembkes disasters,natural calamities,misunderstandings,separations,unnatural deaths etc.He also stated that in 1969 Telangana movement was started and separate capital was formed.State always suffering with bifurcation issues.The total numerical sum is 63 which was a disaster.Andhra Pradesh are the two words which always resembles seperation.

In addition to that he believed Telangana name numerological context was perfect.It has powerful positive numbers, 30 and 28, with an amazing combination of nine alphabets. Small wonders that Telangana and KCR have enjoyed glory all along this term, and greater success is assured in times ahead.

Technology was updating in unimaginable way and man was able to create artificial intelligence,but still there are some people who are clinging with some superstitious beliefs like Vasthu,numerology etc.To believe or not to believe it was up to your conscience.

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