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Ethipothala waterfalls was one the famous waterfalls in our state.It was a mountain stream flowing down the hills from a height of around 70 feet.This was the real scenic beauty of nature which was eye feast to nature lovers.This was famous not only famous among telugu people this became a major tourist spot among foreigners too.

The Chandravanka stream here falls from a height of 21.3 meters(70 feet) forms this Ethipothala waterfall. This waterfall is a combination of three streams namely Chandravanka vagu,Nakkala vagu,Tummala vagu. After flowing for 3 km, this stream joins with the river Krishna.The chandravanka stream was born in Nallamala hills.

This waterfall was also a place for crocodile breeding.There are lagoons(means a small lake or pond) formed by the waterfall and some of them are used for crocodile breeding both captive on a farm as well as wild.We can observe those crocodiles and their behaviour.Because of crocodiles no one take a bath in this waterfall.

People believe that the caves near the waterfalls go to Srisailam.There was famous Dattatreya temple and Ranganathswamy temple near this waterfalls.People from all around the state will visit these temples on auspicious days.This was also a good spot for trekking and picnics.One can stay close to nature at these waterfall.

Nagarjuna Sagar dam was very near that is onlu 11km from this place.We can reach this place through autos from Macherla.The way to these waterfalls will give an awesome experience.Plan a trip to this waterfalls this weekend and you will surely love it.

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