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Winter was passed and the sun is going to show its true power in few days.We Guntur people know better than anyone how severe is the summer season.The water shortage problem was severe during summer.To overcome these problem our Guntur Muncipal Corporation has prepared an action plan with a cost of 6.24cr rupees.

For maintenance and erection works at Takkellapadu pump house, a sum of Rs 4.72 crore has been proposed.Mangalagiri pumping station is another source which the civic body uses to supply drinking water. A sum of 35 lakh have been proposed for maintenance of this station.

GMC supplies 100-115 million litres of water per day.The demand is estimated to increase to 125-135 million litres per day in summer. The proposal includes cleaning  silts and strengthening bunds of Guntur Channel which was the lifeline of our Guntur.

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