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Road Transport Authority (RTA) released the statistics of road accident deaths in the state.With 919 deaths our Guntur stands 1st among all districts in Andhra Pradesh.Guntur stands 1st even in 2016 with 936 deaths.The statustics showed the road rage of our Guntur resulting in deaths.

Chittoor recorded 862 deaths and East Godavari 842 deaths.They occupied 2nd and 3rd places respectively.Srikakulam and Vijayanagaram recorded lowest number of deaths with 317 and 314 deaths respectively.

In Guntur 22,461 accidents happened in 2017.In that 2,041 persons dead and 27,519 persons injured.In 2016,23,726 cases relating to road accidents were reported, claiming 8,543 lives and leaving 30,245 persons injured.Road safety week were organised by RTA and they are bringing various programs to create awareness among people.Even RTA conducting license drives in Engineering colleges to create awareness.

Most of the road deaths involve 2 wheelers because of not wearing helmet.GMC was planning a huge drive to create awareness among lorry drivers and auto auto drivers etc.

Plzzz follow traffic rules.

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