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In Chennakesava Nagar of Macherla mandal a 42 year old man named Purri Brahma Reddy allegedly killed his two sons in the early hours of sunday.The two deceased were identified as Shashank Reddy(10) and Adeep Reddy (8).Both are mentally and physically challenged children.

According to the police Brahma reddy was suffering with various health issues.In addition he had also a problem of depression.He was found missing after the two children are dead.

After investigation police found some strangled marks on children necks and waiting for post mortem reports.They also doubting it is also another case of pact suicide in which he killed his children and tried to kill himself.

Actually they have three children.All the 3 children and mentally challenged.Young child was slept beside her mother Anitha.She was in shock after knowing their demise of children.

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