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Guntur – The Great CityGuntur 
 Guntur is a city in the Guntur district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a municipal corporation and the administrative headquarters for Guntur district. It is also the mandal headquarters of Guntur mandal in Guntur revenue division. The city is the third most populous in the state with population of 743,654.

As Stated In NASA Website “IT IS TYPICAL OF WIDER DELTAS ALONG SOUTH EAST COAST OF INDIA (Known As COROMANDEL COAST ): And The city is situated on the plains and located 40 miles (64 km) to north of the Bay of Bengal. River Krishna is the main source of water for the city through channels and tributaries.Guntur CHILLES  Around 30% Of Chillies Of Country Were Exported From GUNTUR MIRCHI YARD which is the Largest Producer Of Chillies In Country


▪The Earliest Recorderd Preference of Guntur Comes from “ Vengi Chalkuyans” ▪Europeans Arrival At Late 16th Centuary The City Attained National and International Siginificance in the world   ▪French Shifted HeadQuarters From Kondavid Fort To Guntur in 1752                         NIZAM RULERS                                HYDER ALI                               These are the kings who Ruled Guntur in 1788

French Astronomer, PIERRE JANSSEN observed Solar Eclipse Of 18th August 1868 and Discovered ‘Helium Atom’ from Guntur                             Amaravathi                        BUDDHISM And 1st KALACHAKRA CERMONY Perfomed By Gautama Buddha Himself Guntur Railway Line Was started IN 1890 GUNTUR JUNCTION is Only  Which Has UnderGround PLATFORM GUNTUR IS A PART OF ANDHRA CAPITAL And Part Of Vishakapatnam-Guntur Industrial Region and It is Tier-|| City As per Gov.Of India Founded By French @ 18th Centuary                                                       New Guntur City Has Urban Areas Like                               BRODIPET                                    The Best Place To Have Many Automobile and Electronic Gadjets                            ARUNDELPET                              Many Government and Private Sectors    Headquarters of State  Are Located In Arundelpet                   BRUNDHAVAN GARDENS                       The Best to Get More Devotional And Peace is Visiting BALAJI TEMPLE IN Gardens                                                       ▪Sub Urban Areas Like                         PATTABHIPURAM                              This is One Of The Best Mosque In The Entire State                        JINNAH TOWER CENTER                 CHANDRA MOULI NAGAR  EXPRESS HIGHWAY From VISHAKAPATANAM- CHENNAI            GUNTUR MEDICAL COLLEGE                           It is One of the Top Medical College in the Country            GUNTUR MEDICAL HOSPITAL                     Not Only Guntur  Patients Comes To This Hospital But Also Many People Comes for Various Districts To This hospital For Better treatment        ACHARYA NAGARJUNA UNIVERSITY             This is the Best University In Guntur and Mostly Many Colleges around Guntur Are Affliated To this university               NAGARJUNA SAGAR DAM                         This Dam is The Only “Largest Man Made Dam “In th World

The Average Temperature – 38°C But GUNTUR YOUTH Boiling Temperarature Is 100°C and Lovable Nature Of People is Too High

These are the Main Reason  To Love and Stay in Guntur……


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