Flipkart boy killed by gym trainer in Bangalore

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Flipkart boy aged 28 (Nanjundaswamy’s) murdered in a deadly manner. Reason behind his murder is so sad. Gym instructor named Varun kumar(22) badly wanted a phone because everyone working in gym have one. His father also said that earn on your own and use. He felt sad and decided to kill the delivery boy is the only way to use a phone. He soon ordered a phone under cash on delivery option in flipkart worth 11999/- (Redmi Note 3) and gave gym landline number.

On December 9 ,Flipkart delivery boy swamy arrived at the destination with the mobile and asked for money . By arguing with Varun. Swamy tried to run but varun hit his head with a flower pot and when swamy fell down ,again with another flower pot he hit his head .Varun taking out a knife in his hand slit his throat. Police said that Varun watched him bleed to death. In spite of taking him to the hospital, he also stole 10,000/- and a mobile to be delivered to another customer.


Soon after he hid the body in a room in Gym. He cooked a story and send every customer to their house and closed the gym on that day. In evening ,he shifted his body in lift shaft and ran away.Varun then escaped started using redmi note 3 and gave his friend the other mobile(HTC One) worth 24,000/-

Two days after this incident , Swamy’s father by searching for his boy lodged a complaint near Byatarayanapura police.

At the same time,police found a body in lift shaft in Vijayanagar. But they don’t know it was swamy’s

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