Jr NTR follower killed pawan kalyan follower!!Disgusting

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Small quarrel resulted one’s life. Jr NTR follower killed Pawan kalyan follower .Read the story below

According to reports, Fan of Jr NTR stabbed a 24-year old Vinodh kumar to death after an disputation over the star status of two actors. Vinod residing from Tirupati is a big follower of Power star Pawan kalyan for years.

What the hell is happening in India.A recent quarrel between Jr NTR Follower and Pawan kalyan follower in Karnataka resulted one life on Wednesday. This incident occurred in kolar district located in Karnataka state. Vinod(die hard fan of pawan kalyan) is participating in an organ donation drive. In this drive, vinod being fan of pawan kalyan shouted slogans in support of Pawan kalyan,which angered Akshay(Die hard fan of Jr.ntr) led to an argument.

During this argument, Jr NTR fan Akshay took a knife and stabbed Vinod,who was also an active member of Pawan Kalyan’s Jana sena Party. Vinod was rushed to a near by hospital but doctors declared him brought dead.Police registered a case on Akshay and he was soon arrested after this incident.

Actors who are in Telugu film industry have some of the die-hard fan following in the country and they go crazy to celebrate their star’s success.But sometimes ,some fans go to peak stage where there is no control on their mind do these sort of things which are horrible even to imagine.

Pawan kalyan after listening to the news flew to tirupati and met victim’s family on Thursday and consoled his family and relatives. He also said to media that “Killing in the name of fandom is absolutely wrong”.This words are not meant only for my fans,but fans of every actor.

Jr NTR follower killed Pawan kalyan follower

Pawan kalyan is the younger brother of Megastar Chiranjeevi and is popularly known as Power star. Jr NTR is the grandson of great actor and Former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister NT Rama Rao.

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