3 year old kidnapped in Tenali

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In what country are we leaving? Humanity is vanishing day by day. How can a person kidnap a small child who don’t know even to mingle in the current society. There is no safety for girls today in India.But now there’s no safety for children in India. 

Coming to the news, a 3 year old had been kidnapped in Tenali is creating fear in everyone. this kidnap happend in Marusipeta at tenali. Passersby said to police that a stranger had taken the kid. Police registered a case and investigation is going on.A CC-TV Footage had been released and according to that police started their level of investigation and gave assurance that we will catch that culprit within 24hours.


Family of that kid are very upset and everyone are controlling them not to worry,soon he will come to your house.
Finally the police found the child near the outskirts of tenali ,but criminal is absconding..Kudos to police 

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