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When we visit Guntur. We look at Jinnah tower once and think what is the reason beyond this tower .Well here is the information you need.


There are two Jinnah Towers in the world.First one is located in Pakistan and the other in Guntur. Now coming to the history,Pakistan’s first Governor General and also founder of Pakistan named Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in 1876 December 25.He is called as father of the Pakistan and all people in Pakistan see him like a god. He decided that Indian muslims should have their own sate but not to seperate India and Pakistan .During second world war,India and Pakistan got seperated with some conditions.He strived to get independence for Pakistan and achieved it. Pakistan declared Jinnah’s birthday as national holiday.Jinnah died at age 71(1948 September 11). Jinnah after achieving independence ruled his people to be in peace.He never wanted his people to involve in wars or anything.Some people say that India and pakistan got seperated only because of Jinnah.Even in India ,some muslims see Jinnah negatively.But Jalal and H.seervai(historians) say that Jinnah never thought of dividing India and Pakistan.Some outsource people are the cause of dividing India and Paksitan.After his death, They decided to build a tower on his principle(peace and harmony). Some people love Jinnah in India after independence to,so our Indian’s decided to build a tower on Muhammad Ali Jinnah.They decided to built this in Guntur because majority of Pakistan people lived in Guntur before Independence. The “Jinnah Tower” was built to show respect towards Jinnah                                                                               














Jinnah in 1910

Even in India,Muhammad Ali Jinnah has gained respect among Indian nationalist policticians whose comments created disturbance in his Bharatiya Janata Party.In a research,Jinnah was the only person who followed to be a sole leader for Indian Muslims before and after the independence in his politics.According to the State Archaeology Department,Jinnah tower located in Guntur could be brought under the list of protected monuments if it has history of more than 60 years.\

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