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Train Caught Fire at Guntur

Everyone in the train realized that train caught fire and escaped.No one got injured in this accident.Happy to hear this.But why did Krishna express caught fire??Read below

Sudden fire raised in Compartment of Krishna express while travelling from Tirupati to Adilabad.The reason behind the explosion is brake failure.Do you know, trains use sand to sprinkle on the brakes, so that it doesn’t slip in wet conditions.Every train carries 5kg sandbag in their engine.When loco-pilot applies the brake,it transfers sand to each compartment in hyper speed and sprinkles it on brakes.This helps to create more friction between brake and wheel. But now, in this case, Krishna express got a brake fail issue that sand did not arrive at the D5 compartment.When applied brakes, Brake shoe got struck to wheel and caught fire.This was observed by staff and alerted everyone in the train and pulled the chain.Everyone in train got out.Soon, Train was stopped at Bapatla station. Brake inspector rushed to the spot and checked the cause of the accident and confirmed that it was brake failure and intimated everyone that compartment will be replaced and all brakes should be checked, then the only train will move from Bapatla station.

In this case, we can say that train staff done their job to save many lives. But the brake inspector should be very careful while checking the brakes if they are working or not.I was very shocked by listening to this news, but I cooled down when I heard that no one got injured.We are thinking to write a complaint and book a petition on the negligence of the checking the brakes before train starting from its origin to Indian Railways.I would like everyone to join this petition. I will signup this petition by tomorrow. I will provide the link and I request everyone to sign the petition without fail.

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