Sexual harrasment – Major Problem in Society

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Andhra Pradesh Women Commission Chairperson Nannapaneni Rajakumari

NARASARAOPET Town: Increasing attacks against women in society, in a way Unprecedented negligence of the state Women’s Commission Chairperson Nannapuneni said the princess. ‘Daughter sexually harrased by father ‘title was responding to recent articles in a Newspaper Called the Victim to come to the hospital on Saturday NARASARAOPET area.
Harassing Women is a crime and Government will take strict action against those who committed the atrocities to take action. Would not it make sense to give the Accused to Bail. She also ordered the police to take action against political recommendations are made. She promised to take care of that Girl and The Girl will be taking Steps to Strengthen Security. If She want to Study Then She will be Put into Care Home at Guntur and continues her study
Counseling centers in the villages, organizing seminars on women to take action to prevent the attacks.


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