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An young farmer named Ch.Raja threatend to commit suicide as he was unable to clear debts by selling his lang because of negligence of revenue officials.Before this on January 18 a tenant farmer committed suicide unable to bear the crop losses.

Ch. Raja posted a selfie video in the social media about harassment of revenue officials in surveyinghis farmland. He said he did not get agriculture loan waiver and so borrowed `8 lakh from private moneylenders, which along with the interest has increased to Rs 12 lakh. He said he could not clear the loan due to crop losses and so decided to sell his one acre land but that revenue officials were creating hurdles in conducting the survey. He warned that he would commit suicide at the collectorate on January 22.

He claimed that he got one acre of land from his mother Vijayalakshmi and began to cultivate various crops in the same. He said due to poor income, he had taken another 22 acres on lease but that chilli, cotton and other crops cultivated in those fields got damaged pushing him into debts.

Farmers are backbone to our country and the suicide of farmers was increasing day by day.The govt was failing again and again to meet the demands of farmers.

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