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Horrible accident took place at Tadepalli, Guntur  District this afternoon. Car rammed into a truck with high speed which resulted 5 people died on spot.Actually what happened


Its May 23rd ,after noon 1 pm. Tata Indigo maintaining 120 kmph in Guntur – Vijayawada Express way i.e AH 16 without noticing truck changing its lane rammed into it and truck driver by noticing ,stopped the truck. But the car driver losing his life mashed the car to divider and flipped 2 times. Every one gathered and pulled the people inside the car. They called 108 service . They were rushed to near Government hospital in Vijayawada where doctor’s confirmed them as dead .Police from Tadepalli ps rushed to the spot and enquired what happened.By checking victim’s mobile they intimated their families about the incident .Soon after crane came to the spot and pulled the car aside to avoid  inconvenience to the traffic. Five were identified as residents from ongole, Prakasam District .The 5 who were confirmed dead are close friends who were going to attend their friends marriage on may 25 th in Vishakapatnam. But in the middle of the way, their life’s were taken out leaving their families in non-recoverable state.

Government by seeing this must implement c.c cameras and also to keep speed limit cameras. If this works out, everyone will follow the rules without fail. We request everyone to maintain speed limit especially in Guntur – chennai highway which allows everyone to throttle to max speeds. High number of accidents are been booked in  Police records. There were 200+ accidents recorded in Guntur -Chennai in the past year. Your family needs you. Don’t make them hear your last call while driving . Fasten your seat belts and if you use two wheelers, don’t forget to use helmet. Provide helmet those who sit back of you.

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