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Mangalore girl lost her life

The accident took place at Nadenla Mandal.Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.Grace Suvarshita(17) and Mukthi Behara(40) are victims from Mangalore who died on spot.
It’s May 13, Mukthi Behara had gone to Kolkata with her friends for a casual trip.But while returning to Mangalore from Kolkata, Tragedy took place and left tears in a parents life.She last called her parents and said: “Dad, I am coming home, let’s go to a movie”. They were eagerly waiting to visit their home, but in middle of the road, the car went into parking truck .Accidents happen in no time leaving everyone sad.

Accidents in highway are increasing gradually, that too near Guntur. Lifting their bodies from the car is the difficult task done by police.Soon after they rushed everyone to the hospital, but only one among five survived.Just watch this video and be careful while driving

This not the actual picture of the car

Five were in the car.Grace Suvarshita(17) and Mukthi Behara(40) died on spot.Other two are workers in a jewellery shop died while rushing them to hospital. Sumana Vasanth(mother of the victim(suvarshita) is injured and her condition is critical, said doctors.At present Sumana, vasanth is undergoing treatment in Guntur Government Hospital.

Picture of grace Suvarshitha.

Mukthi Behara is an engineering student completed her graduation and planning to do Masters in the United States of America.But her soul left her leaving her parents to cry lifelong.

Please everyone, if you get to sleep while driving, park the car to the side of the road and sleep.Don’t drive fast.Please wear a helmet while driving two-wheeler.Spare legs and hands won’t be available.No life can’t be returned.The way you drive decides the way to hell or heaven.Follow traffic rules and lead a happy life.Someone will be waiting in the home for your arrival every day.Don’t let them met you in your graveyard. India is the top most country in the count of accidents happening every day.The way you follow the rules help others to follow.

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