Masjid Atheequr Rahman: Beautiful Masjid in Guntur

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Masjid Atheequr Rahman is an awesome Masjid in Guntur. It is located near Swami theater in Pattabhipuram, Guntur city.A mosque with a mix of modern construction and ancient dome architecture. Definitely the most beautiful mosque in Guntur. The blue mosaic domes of the mosque are very attractive against the white building.Anyone who did not visit this masjid,go visit once.My opinion on this masjid:- I had never seen masjid like this before.Entering inside in this precious masjid gives a fresh air with a refreshed feeling. Photos of this beautiful masjid are posted below.

MASHA ALLAH is an arabic phrase that express joy,praise or thankfulness for an event or person that was just mentioned.

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Masjid Atheequr Rahman



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