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When we came to know about Capital of Navyandhra Pradesh was between Guntur and Vijayawada near Amaravati region Guntur people thought that there will be development in all aspects in Guntur city too along with Amaravati and Vijayawada.But the present scenario implies that the development was only inclined towards Vijayawada neglecting our Guntur.

No reputed govt institute is alloted to  establish in our Guntur.Headquarters of CRDA is in Vijayawada along with many other IT companies.The development was more towards the river belt side neglecting our Guntur city.

Traffic became a severe problem in the city.The roads were very narrow and no extension of roads are sanctioned.There are no flyovers in Guntur as like in Vijayawada to maintain traffic in our Guntur.The people are facing a lot of problem with the roads in our city.

The govt transport within the city was very limited.There are still old city buses running on the roads which vomits lot of smoke and dust.Our city wants to free from those old dusty city buses.There are city buses by APSRTC running within the city of Vijayawada from long ago.

The newly establishing IT companies are completely focussing towards Vijayawada there is a need to develop an IT hub in  our Guntur too for the employment of local youth.Everyone at the beginning thought that Guntur and vijayawada will be twin cities but there was no resemblance in both cities in terms of development.

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