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Andhra Pradesh govt will set up a Happiness commission soon which will organise plans and various programs for all round development of people psycologically and mentally.Andhra Pradesh is the 2nd state which will constitute a happiness department.First state was Madhya Pradesh.The commission will work under of planning headed by our CM Nara Chandra Babu Naidu.

“The proposal is in the final stages and very soon, we shall issue an order constituting the commission,” said Sanjay Gupta, chief executive officer of the AP state development planning society (APSDPS) and vice-chairman of the proposed commission.

“Our ultimate objective is to make Andhra Pradesh a happy state,” he said. The commission is expected to take up a series of activities grouped into different thematic areas. They include: development of infrastructure to promote healthy living, creation of a lively work environment in public and private offices, creation of facilities to improve the lifestyle of people, promotion of adventure and outdoor activities and introduction of programmes that would promote behaviour changes among people.

“For example, the department has proposed to create walking spaces for citizens in all the municipalities, development of parks with sitting and jogging spaces, introduce electric buses and CNG auto rickshaws in place of petrol or diesel vehicles and creation of cycling zone in the municipal areas to promote a health living style,” Gupta said.

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