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56 cows were found dead in Daida village Gurazala mandal after grazing on the hybrid corn fields which contain Hydrogen Cyanide which was poisonous to animals.

Gundala Lakshmaiah, owner of 100 cows travelled all along the way with all his cows from Nereducherla mandal in nalgonda for feeding the cows with fodder.On Sunday afternoon, the cows were grazing in the open and 56 of them ventured into a field where corn was planted. During the early stages of planting these seeds, and for nearly 20 days after cutting the crop, the remains will contain high levels of hydrogen cyanide which is poisonous to animals. Farmers do not let their animals graze in these fields during this period of time.

Jowar Sudan Grass and Pusa Chari are hybrid varieties that contain cyanogenic glycosides like Furin, Linsido and Linamarin that converts into hydrogen cyanide because of enzyme activity. A 100 mg of corn seeds has roughly 29.16 mg of hydrogen cyanide. HCN content in the plant is high during the early growth stage but decreases with plant maturity making it safe as fodder after 50 days of planting.

Hyderogen Cyanide was poisonous to the animals.It affects the animals within minutes and make them die.The veternary doctor said that poison effect can be cured if the cows are treated immediately.

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