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Power star Pawan Kalyan started Janasena with an aggresive speech on March 14,2014.he created sensation in those days and performing a key role in AP politics since then.Exactly after 4 years he is going to conduct a Mega Public meeting in ANU grounds in Guntur.This was the first party plenary meeting of Janasena.

The Janasena office released a circular yesterday that the meeting will happen in 35 acres groung before ANU.The stage arrangements has been started.The stage will reflect the ideologies of leaders who sacrificed their lives for Telugu states.Meeting would start at 15:00 hours on March 14. Cultural programmes are also arranged on the occasion.

There is no looking back for him. He will continue building his party and will field candidates in the next general elections that are expected to be held early next year. He has already made it clear that he is not interested to act in movies at this time. He has put all his movie plans on hold for time being.

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