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The farmers in our Guntur Mirchi yard siege the Guntur-Chilakaluripet highway as blocked the traffic as a protest against the actions of commision agents.The govt introduced e-NAM system national wide in all major agricultural markets in order to provide transparency in transactions through digitalisation.But the traders refuses to deposit money in the accounts of farmers and they are giving hardcash even after the introductio of this system.

The farmers from all over the state came to Mirchi yard to sell their produce and now they are facing serious problem with this e-NAM. Commissioner of marketing Samuel Anand Kumar had even warned of cancelling the licences of the commission agents but they neglected the warnings.

Chairman, AMC, Mannava Subba Rao, said the e-nam would be implemented at any cost and warned the commission agents against disturbing the smooth functioning of the system, which had been designed to eradicate the money grabbing my middlemen.

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