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As we know Amaravati is going to be as a world class city a seed access road was going to laid between Undavalli and seed capital area.Initially, a four-lane road was proposed for seed capital area from Kanakadurga Varadhi. Later, the design was changed for six-lane road.This road was going to be laid without any turns so as we can reach the capital as quickly as possible.

The Amaravati seed capital road first stretch (9 km), which begins at Dondapaadu and ends at Undavalli. The second stretch starts at Undavalli and ends at Kanakadurga Varadhi. The whole stretch is designed as flyover due to railway track and old Madras road in the middle of the stretch.

It will be a six lane road with a cycle track and footpath. The road construction will take place in two parts. The first part stretching for about 18.3 Kilometers will cost 230 Crore. The government may have to acquire 300 to 400 acres for this road alone and the government is planning to employ land pooling system.

In capital city APCRDA proposed undergorund electricty system.Electic poles are removed along the highways and electiric cables are laid in underground.ADC(Amaravati development Control) paid 4.9crores to APGENCO to remove electric poles.

Along with this seed access road 7 highways are going to construct to link Amaravati from all directions.It takes just 5 or 10 min to reach capital from these highways.

These highways are constructed along with a footpath and a cycle track.Trees are planted along the road on both sides.Modern technology is using while laying these roads.We are all going to witness the express lane highways in our world class capital.

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