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A prestigious deal was finalised in CII partnership summit at vizag between Andhra Pradesh Economic Development board(APEDB) and Smartparks infrastructure private limited.They signed an MoU for the construction of worlds largest war memorial in our Capital city.

This war memorial consists of a statue of a soldier of Indian Army with a height of 250 feet.Another 200-feet bronze ring will be constructed around a huge Buddha statue. Both the statues would be connected by a 2-km-long and 80-feet-wide stretch along the Krishna River.The project would cover an approximate area of 130 acres at an estimated cost of Rs.6,100 crores.

It will be projected as an innovative street tourism destination to attract national and international tourists.The whole project will also involve a lot of riverside food courts, hotels, malls with Chinese, Japanese, Asian and Korean market experience, theme parks and all lot more along the stretch.This will be India’s first and world’s largest war memorial park.

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