4 Lakh visiting daily to Pushkar Ghats in Guntur

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Wow!!!!Whooping 4 lakh people visiting daily and taking holy dip in pushkar Ghats around Guntur District. Tomorrow is the last date for Krishna Pushkar. Thanks to government and chief minister of Andhra Pradesh for not repeating the mistake happened in Godavari Pushkar in Rajhamundry years ago. Traffic in Guntur and Vijayawada is very well controlled and heavy vehicles are diverted.Some people in Vijayawada said that compared to normal days,we are experiencing less traffic during Krishna Pushkar. This entire credit goes to police department for controlling traffic 24/7. Benz circle, which is known a busiest circle in Vijayawada is very free during Krishan Pushkar. On 5th day of Krishna Pushkar ,4.5 lakh visit pushkar Ghats in Guntur district.

Some pics of Amaravathi Buddha Ghat

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4 lakh visiting daily to Krishna Pushkar Ghats in Guntur District


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