Vinayaka is getting ready!!!!!!!!Ganesh Chaturthi

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Ganesha is getting ready to enter everyone’s house on September 5th 2016. We all know that everyone including children celebrates this festival. All sit together and listen to the history of Vinayaka from his child hood. Everyone loves listening to the story. But some children and students including me 😛 loves this festival because it’s a holiday. Vinayaka is also known as Elephant-headed god. Chaturthi means fourth state or fourth day. Celebrations are held tradittionaly on the fourth day of the first fortnight by seeing Hindu calendar to check whether Bhadrapada Month had started or not. When Bhadrapada Month starts, Celebrations starts. This festival is celebrated in different days every year.Total duration of this festival is 10 days that means this festival lasts ten days, ending on the fourteenth day of the Anant Chaturdashi(Fort night). ONLY USE ECO-FRIENDLY GANAPATHI 



Vinayaka is getting ready!!!!!5th Sep 2016.

Another good news is that , Ganesh idol kept in Vijayawada on 2015 sets a new record in Guinness Book. Now again in 2016,Vijayawada people are ready to erase their own record and replace with a new record.

2015 record:-63 Feet

2016 record:- 72 Feet , Already works are being started


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