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Suriya was a top tamil actor in Tamil Nadu.He created his owm fan base in our Andhra Pradesh with his films.He is the only actor after Rajnikanth who gained his loyal fan base in our State.His every movie will be dubbed into telugu.

Recently his latest movie ‘Thaana Serndha Kottam’ was dubbed as GANG and releasing in telugu during sankranthi season.No tamil hero dared to release their film in Telugu during sankranthi tells about his popularity in our State.

His movie was a decent hit and as a part of success tour he was visiting theatres in many towns.He came to our Guntur and visited fans in Siva Theatre.Huge number of fans gathered at Siva theatre last night.Suriya thanked all fans in Guntur and wished a Happy pongal to all.The video of Suriya theatre is as follows.

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