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Diarrhoea prevailed in the city as the water got contaminated due to Underground works.The death toll reached 9 with the addtion of 3 death cases in GGH.There are around 140 patients treating Cholera in a special ward in our Guntur GGH  and other private hospitals.

The drinking water got contaminated with the drainage water during the pipeline work at Anandpet and surrounding areas.The patients who are affecting with diarrhoea are majorly from Anandpet and Sangadigunta.

“Outbreak of diarrhoea is not generally witnessed at this time of the year, though it is possible in May and June. No diarrhoea cases were registered during the same period last year. We are conducting medical camps in affected areas following instructions of the government,” he said.

People should take care of themselves by several measures.Water should be boiled before drinking.Sanitation should be maintained in an around the house.Wash the hands before and after eating.Health consciousness should be maintained.

GMC should look after the patients by providing the necessary treatment and they should be responsible for this severe situation in the city.

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