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Guntur is full of wonders and fascinating stories.We grew up by listening to that stories.One of them and famous among them was about Mangalagiri.Panakala Lakshmi Narasimha swamy temple was situated on this hill.The story about it was this hill was an inactive volcano and Panakam(Jaggery juice) was fed to this hill inorder to prevent it from eruption.

The locals beleive that the sugar compounds in jaggery juice neutralises the sulpher compounds inside the volcano and prevent it from eruption.The jaggery juice was offered large quantities to the Narasimha swamy daily.Even after using large amounts of jaggery juice no ant will be seen here and no one know where all this jaggery juice goes.
This hill was very near to the capital region and people demanding a research on this hill to produce facts.As per the oldest Geological Survey of India records dating back to 1880, the hills between Vinukonda and Amaravati were volcanic and Mangalagiri falls under this belt.  The official website states that the Mangalagiri hill is volcanic. The GSI had also stated that Vinukonda and Mangalagiri hills were volcanic. They also stated that there was no volcanic eruption till date.
Still it is a mystery about Mangalagiri which was yet to find.
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