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People will always find a way to criticize and judge anyone with a small mistake in them and with the advancement of social medial it became a fashion.Everyone trying to judge without prior information.

Even though there was technological advancement in medical sector and health care there are some cases we found often about negligence and failure and health department.An image which our GGH doctors were operating using mobile torch light went viral across social media and some social media experts started blaming GGH credibility without having prior information.

The incident apparently took place on February 10.Dr DS Raju Naidu, medical superintendent, of the Guntur Government General Hospital said that there was no electricity on February 10 as the Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh was doing regular maintenance work of power lines.He also clarified that there were power cuts a couple of time and the backup generator was always kicked in.

“But at one such time, while back-up power kicked in, power was not restored to one side of one operation theatre, where a plastic surgery was going on.I thought the fuse on our side was tripped so I asked my assistant to check it.Within 5 minutes normal power was also restored and the surgery went on fine”

He also added “The surgery was being conducted under the Dr NTR Vaidya Seva Health Insurance scheme, so the entire operation was video recorded and photographed for record”.Without knowing all these everyone exposed their criticism.Check the video here.

Note:Video content may disturb you

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