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Tweet on Twitter Helium is the lightest element next to Hydrogen with an atomic number 2 and it is the 2nd most abundant element obtained in this Universe.It is a colorless odourless gas.This is the stuff we learned in chemistry in our school.You all should wonder how this helium is related to our Guntur?For this we have to dig our history.

We know India was colonised by British.In 1788 Guntur was brought under the control of British East India Company as a part of Madras Presidency.

As Guntur is under British rule a French astronomer Pierre Jules Ce’ser Janssen camped out to our Guntur watch as the moon passed in front of the sun and revealed the solar prominences on August 18,1868(solar eclipse).There he observed a yellow light in the spectroscope which is unknown and didnot match to any element known to them until then.By that he found it was Helium gas.


This invention was a boost to study the stars and their births in cosmos.

Somehow it was a remarkable event and our Guntur city has a prominent place in History books.Thanks to Jannsen for making us proud by discovering Helium in Guntur and made us a part of History.

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