New Face To Manasa Sarovar

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New Face To Manasasarovaram

Guntur : The Manasasarovaram was located beside NH-5 Express Highway and Out Skirts Of Guntur and now its postion has Come to End as It Doesnt had any Attractive Site and No one had Shown interest For Moving To Manasa Sarovaram

So, Guntur Municipal Corporation has taken steps to make attractiveness of manasasarovaram

GMC Commissioner said that ” They are Working together with Andhra Pradesh Urban Development and Beautification Corporation M.D ChandraMohan Reddy was Participated and Verified this place on Thursday And Promises most of the area was occupied by Manas Sarovar and Will definitely Make development and Attract for Civilians to Manasa Sarovaram

Most of the civilians are requested to make modified this Manasarovar from many decades I know the government has been taken many steps to make Attract More People and Enjoy The Place to Have some Peace and Entertainment 

Remodeling of this Manasarovaram will  Attract more people from Guntur and Vijayawada

 the NTR Manasarovar was one of the best attractive places in Guntur but due to the increase of NH -5 Expansion into three Phase Line the Government has taken steps to remove the main gate

From then the maintenance of manasasarovaram was decreased .Though they  maintaining crazy world


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