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Roads are dig for laying pipelines and those roads are not restored even after 15days.This causes great inconvenience to the Motorists and there is a danger of happening accidents.The vehicles may skid by losing balance because of the dust and stones of the pit.

At many stretches in the locality, the improperly covered roads cause major traffic chaos. The road was dug up in the middle for water works a long time ago, and covered with gravel. Even after 15 days, it is yet to be restored, and being a busy streets.

Residents also say they were forced to park their cars far away from their homes due to dug-up roads. “The roads are so bad that I fear my new car will get damaged if I drive through these roads. I am forced to park my car at my friend’s place, which is around 150 meters away and walk to my home daily,” says R Nageswara Rao, another resident.

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